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time to get me some employment

30 Sep 2011 - Caltrain #146 somewhere between San Francisco and Menlo Park

For prospective employers and cyber stalkers alike I present some recent work product and my resume in your choice of flavors.

Some webinars I hosted -

RightScale and Gluster, deploying cloud storage in minutes
Gluster for Geeks: Monitoring GlusterFS Performance and Availability
Introduction to Gluster

Some stuff I've written -

Introduction to Gluster
CTDB and Gluster
Q&A followup to a webinar

Some OSS I've published -

Gluster gcollector, a Ganglia based performance monitoring tool for Gluster
Tarsnap-generations, a backup tool

annnd -

The obligitory Linkedin profile
A cute kitten video

The resume in Word, PDF, ODT, and bubble gum flavors -


Some truly discerning and intelligent people said very nice things about me -

"I worked with Craig at Gluster where he provided some of the best technical guidance I have received in over 30 years in the IT business. Craig understands Amazon Web Services at a very deep level and has amazing insight into UNIX, LINUX, and just about every OS available today. I trust Craig's advice and I strongly reccomend him for those companies who want to gain a competitive technical advantage." - Tom Trainer, Director of Product Marketing, Gluster

"(Craig) is great at building relationships with customers and partners alike - I was continually amazed at his ability to get customers and partners to open up and treat him as a trusted advisor. On top of all this he is an awesome presenter with the ability to cover both the nuts and bolts technical and also deliver the business value and benefits.” - Dave Garnett, VP of Product Management, Gluster

"Craig is a very talented SE, who had an exceptional ability to connect with customers. He combines deep technical understanding with creativity and insight. Craig made a material difference to the way Gluster thought about customers and the market." - Ben Golub, President and CEO, Gluster

Even more nice references up on Linkedin